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We are Paolo and Massimo di Gangi, we have been operating in the field of touristic transport for more than twenty years now.

Over the passing of years we have always made choices that have effected our specialization in the section of high range car rental with driver. Our clients vary from privates to companies, from local tour operators to big international tourism networks. This variety of clients made our knowledge and competence of cultures and needs, grow massively over time. Today we can proudly state that we can fulfill our clients’ needs even though they may come from profoundly diverse cultures. Our collaborators, may them be drivers or authorized tour guides, reflect our identical principals, principals that made us grow in the full awareness that our client is sacred! Our drivers are serious and extremely professional; they speak English and Italian. It is possible to organize driving tours in English, French, Spanish, Russian or Italian.


Thanks to our experience over the years, we are able to offer daily trips in the main touristic point of centre Italy.

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